Hello! My name is David Lin. I am the creator behind “David Lin’s Photographic Ventures”, which showcase some moments I’ve captured.

“David Lin’s Photographic Ventures” started at end of 2012 with encouragement from Ted Ushirogata. It was created as a Facebook page. Since then, I continued post photos occasionally and it is still actively being maintained. In mid-2015, I wanted to experiment with Amazon AWS and needed a real-world use case. After some thinking, hosting this site came to my mind and I knew the exact CMS software I wanted to use. And that was Koken, a recommendation from Jerry Lin. In mid-2016, I migrated to wordpress.com. Also, the picture you see above was taken by Kwiri Yang.

In addition to the names I mentioned, there are many more people that have helped, even indirectly, to make this web site realized the way it is today. Thanks to friends from the “Shutterbugs Group” for many encouragements, tips and latest news. There are many more people not mentioned. Thank you all.

As time goes by, I will post more content on this web site. Feel free to let me know your thoughts. Thanks!